“So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about Christ,” Romans 10:17
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Safety and Security is Our Priority

  • We strive to maintain a clean, safe, and secure environment for our kids each time our ministry is available.
  • The doors to the preschool hallway are opened only between services, to ensure the security of our environment during class times. If a parent has a question or concern, they can inquire at the preschool office window at the main counter.
  • All volunteers are fully vetted before serving. All volunteers over age 18 have a thorough background check completed.  We strive to have two or more volunteers in each room at all times when children are present.
  • We use a computer based check-in system that prints a tag for the child and a tag for the parent when the child is placed in our care. The parent must return with their tag for the child to be released.  If a tag is lost or a question arises, the child will be released only upon the approval of the coordinator or director.  The system also prints a name only tag which should be used to label your child’s diaper bag, sippy cup, etc.
  • Parents will be contacted via display boxes in the Worship Center, text message or in person if their child needs them back in the preschool department.
  • It is our church policy that parents or guardians of preschoolers must remain on the church campus while their children are in the care of our preschool ministry.

If parents have any questions or concerns about the safety of our preschool wing, please feel free to speak to our Preschool Coordinator or our Preschool Director.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings we provide care during all three of our adult worship hours.  During the 8am hour we offer nursery care for preschoolers.  Our 9:30 and 11am services offer structured teaching times.  We use the Gospel Project Preschool curriculum, which is a three year, chronological journey through the Bible.  This serves to help the children understand God’s plan from Creation to Redemption and beyond.  The curriculum utilizes age-appropriate videos and music to engage the children with the Bible stories.  If follows up with games, crafts, and activities to reinforce what children have learned in the lesson. 

Each of our preschool age groups has their own room themed with a particular Bible story in mind.

Babies- Mary’s Little Lambs

1 year olds- Adam and Eve’s Explorers

2 year olds- Noah’s Navy

3 year olds- David’s Crew

4 year olds- Gideon’s Army

5 year olds- Joshua’s Adventurers